INCANTO Cherry wine

Cherry wine is of ruby red color, strong intensity and vivacity. Intensity and lastingness of the wine smell are stable and complex. Depth and quality of smell have been extremely expressed, with the smell of cherry becoming even more marked while rotating wine in a glass.

The combination of tannin, freshness and sugar has been excellently balanced and very harmonious. Its fine and rounded edges make this delicate and gentle wine of a high quality. The taste is warm and soft, whereas the long-lasting and velvet-like sensation remaining on the palate leaves no one indifferent.

It is served cooled at the temperature of 15ºC.

Alcohol 15 % vol.

INCANTO Blackberry wine

Blackberry wine merits attention with its ruby red color and purple reflection. The thick tears sliding slowly down a glass wall demonstrate the power and potential of this wine.

Aromatic quality and complexity of its smell has been extremely marked with constant repetition of combination of fruit and flower aromas.
The harmony of all vine ingredients leaves the impression of perfect harmony and delicacy on the palate, and the long-lasting, as also velvet-like, sensation on a tongue, entitling us to approach this vine with special attention and in special moments.

It is served cooled at the temperature of 15°C.

Alcohol 15 % vol.

INCANTO Apple wine

Apple wine has been characterized by yellow-green color, and the soft smell irresistibly reminding of fresh picked fruit.

The ratio of the total alcohol, acids and aromas provide it extreme harmony and elegance.
The characteristic aromas of that fruit have been retained by careful procedure of controlled fermentation, followed by marked fullness of taste and smell.
Soft acids provide it freshness, whereas its extraordinary drinkability shall make everyone enthusiastic. It is intended to be consumed with wide variety of selected dishes.

It is served cooled at the temperature of 10°C.

Alcohol 13 % vol.