KOSTELAC Honey Liqueur is 100 percent natural and entirely handmade according to traditional recipes from natural ingredients. It is produced from only three ingredients: four kinds of fist class honey (flower, acacia, linden and chestnut), high-quality cherry, blackberry and raspberry pomace brandy and some water. After 6-month maceration (aging) period, the liquor naturally precipitates and is poured into bottles only after reaching a satisfactory maturity level. The share of honey in each bottle is a minimum of 30%, i.e. minimum of 300 g of honey per litre of liquor. Due to the natural process of production, there is the possibility that the sediment will settle to the bottom of the bottle. It is produced with no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives, etc. Serve ice-cold in chilled glasses.

Volume:  0.70 L / 1.0 L

Alcohol: 18% vol.

Best serving:   ice cooled in ice cooled glass (without ice)