The Story about Gin

Inspired by the beauties of the Nature Park and Papuk Geopark that we are surrounded by, untouched nature, and countless sources of drinking mountain water, Mountain Creek, a line of premium gins, was created. Papuk Geopark is the first geopark in Croatia, and is part of the UNESCO network of World Geoparks.
Papuk Geopark has a unique position in the collision zone of two macroplates – African and Eurasian, and consists of many layers of different types of rocks that have been created from the Precambrian to the present day, and some are over 600 million years old. Due to its specificity and diversity, the water that springs at the sites of the Papuk Geopark is of exceptional quality and softness, because it is naturally filtered through numerous layers of rocks.
Water as the basis of life due to its importance is the main ingredient of all living organisms, but also of all beverages. Many neglect the importance of water in production, but we in our production take special care of every ingredient of our products, including water, which we believe is extremely important for the top quality of all our products. The exceptional softness of the water gives the final distillate a completely new dimension, as well as a fine, soft and smooth taste.
The base of all gins is a premium wheat distillate, distilled through seven columns, perfectly neutral and ideal in the production of premium gins. Special attention is paid to the selection of plants, of which there are 29 species in all gins, but in different proportions. In addition to standard herbs such as pine, angelica, licorice root, coriander, orange peel, lemon, grapefruit, we also spiced gins with lavender, sage, anise, mint, ginger, and a number of other aromatic herbs that complement and round off the taste, and they are the secret of the master distiller.

A label that tells a story …..
In addition to the top quality of the products, design and top presentation to the consumer have always been important to us in our distillery, so a special story is told on the labels of Mountain Creek gins. The label shows the peaks of the Geopark and Papuk Nature Park, down which a mountain stream flows, and the cracked letters MOUNTAIN CREEK on the front of the label represent geological rocks through which water is naturally filtered and poured into gin. On the left and right side of the label, there are Papuk isohypses, especially accentuated with transparent varnish.
There is a special surprise on the bottles of gin with a volume of 0.70 L, and it is the result of cooperation between the Papuk Nature Park and the Kostelac Distillery, which is a free ticket to the Jankovac Forest Park, which is part of the Papuk Nature Park. In order to enter the Jankovac Park Forest for free, you only need to tear off the part of the label that represents the ticket and show it at the entrance to the Jankovac Forest Park. The free ticket is valid for one person.